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Saffron: The World’s Most Expensive Spice


While many have not been exposed to much saffron due to the extravagant cost nearing $2,000 per pound, it is an interesting and useful spice nonetheless. Saffron, which is obtained by harvesting the stigma part of the flower upon the plant Crocus sativus, is utilized for a wide variety of uses. From extracts in perfume, to a flavoring agent and even a variety of health boosts, this spice is still quite popular despite the necessity to harvest 75,000 flowers by hand to get one pound.

Among its health benefits are : 
suppressing Alzheimer’s disease almost as well as some prescriptions
reducing the effects of depression
reduces menstrual discomfort and PMS
reduces insomnia.

There are a lot of other accounts of saffron helping from baldness to infertility but there is no real scientific evidence to support these claims. However, whether you are aiming for a boost in mental health or just want a taste of a truly extravagant spice, the unique properties and manner in which saffron must be harvested must be admired.