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Autumn Harvest

Autumn is Here! Kick off the new season with Autumn Harvest…

Wow, how quickly this summer flew by! Kids are back in school, football season is in full-swing, and Sunday marked the first day of Autumn. That said, we invite you to kick off the new season with some of our great fall flavors from our appropriately-themed products in the Autumn Harvest line! During the rest of September and all of October, save 15% on all our our delectable bread mixes  and batter & breading mixes with the coupon code AUTUMN15 during checkout!

Also, stay tuned for some amazing, mouth-watering fall recipes and cooking ideas that will warm up your tastebuds as the weather cools down!

Happy Autumn Eating!

Organic Certified Facility

National Organic Harvest Month

Hey, did you know that it is National Organic Harvest Month? And on that topic, did you know that Kitchen Fusions is now an Organic Certified Facility? 

Certified Organic Facility

And speaking of “Harvest”, naturally our line of Autumn Harvest products comes to mind….can you believe Autumn/Fall is in 5 days!??!

Still Time Left for Father’s Day Orders – and Save 20%!

Looking for some delectable gifts for the Dad in your life? There is still time to have products arrive in time for Sunday! Use the coupon code DAD2013 during checkout for 20% off all orders! Need some ideas that Dad will love? Here are a couple products and a recipe that will surely make his special day:

Awake-a-Steak Rub – Add sizzle to your steaks and wake up your taste buds with this unique steak rub. A robust blend of gourmet spices and fresh roasted coffee adds western WOW! to a cowboy’s favorite meal. Order online here….




Send your tastebuds to the ancient spice routes used by kings, conquerors and explorers in distant lands such as Jaipur, Galiba and Sonora with exotic dip mixes from Fusion Flavors. 

Made with real shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico and tomato from California, garlic from Florida, and gourmet spices, this Thai Ginger Garlic Shrimp Mix blends perfectly with olive oil to create a delectable dip suitable for royalty. Order online here…


Blackened Steak with Cabernet Blue Cheese Sauce Recipe

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