Turmeric; The Golden Spice

           Turmeric is often recognized in many spice cabinets by its intense golden hue. This spice is a staple for many curries both grand and bland. However, what many may not know, is the variety of other interesting uses this spice has been found for. Among these uses are dying, mixing into pastes for different health benefits, and health benefits from ingesting it.

          First and probably most obvious is Turmeric’s ability to dye stuff. Its intense golden hue works perfect for any staining that needs done. You can use it as a natural dye for Easter eggs or tie-dye shirts. If you have some bland play dough or wish to make some colored, Turmeric will provide a nice marigold color to it. It can also accentuate any henna tattoos you might get.

          On the health benefits side of things, Turmeric is often used in pastes to alleviate different ailments. Among these are a mix of olive oil turmeric to deter dandruff and a mix of salt, turmeric, and water to help ease sprains. For eating turmeric, studies indicate that it eases sick stomachs, helps arthritis pain, and minimizes Alzheimer’s symptoms. The American Cancer Society also notes that laboratory studies have shown that circumin, one of the chemicals in Turmeric, inhibits cancer growth.

         Whether you aim for that main ingredient in a curry, wish to make some artistic and natural dyes, or just want some added boosts to your health, Turmeric is a great spice. This is just one more reason we at Kitchen Fusions love spices and hope to spread this knowledge.


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