Weekly Spice Blurbs Featuring Garlic

              We here at Kitchen Fusions understand just how important spices are to your health and happiness. However, we also know that there are many essential and amazing health benefits different spices provide that most people aren’t even aware of. Due to that, we are starting to create weekly blog posts featuring one of the many spices out there and its corresponding health benefits.

                For this week, we will be talking about one of the main ingredients of many of our spice blends and possibly one of the healthiest spices; garlic.    

                Garlic has been used in food for ages due to its distinct odor and flavor. Fortunately for our ancestors, that daily intake provided many cardiovascular health bonuses as well as essential dietary vitamins. Among these are reduced chances of heart attack and blood vessel inflammation. Additionally, it lowers blood clotting, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Having your fair share of garlic each day is practically health medication in itself.

                As if improving your cardiovascular system wasn’t enough, garlic also provides sulfuric compounds (necessary dietary element) and manganese, one of the less well known but no less important elements.  On the vitamin side, this spice is a healthy source of both b6 (helps prevent heart disease) and c vitamins. Beyond all that, though, there are many studies indicating that garlic lowers chances of virtually all forms of cancer.

                We hope that this little excerpt will help you to understand one of our favorite spices as well as provide some general education about what you eat. Check back in next Friday for another featured spice! And thanks again for supporting our family business. 

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